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Massive 7.8 Earthquake Devastates Nepal

A 7.9 magnitude earthquake has devastated much of Nepal, leaving thousands dead, injured, and missing.

Search and rescue teams have yet to reach remote and rural regions and with strong aftershocks still shaking the country, more destruction is anticipated, with a likely increase in the death toll.

The need in Nepal is strong and very urgent: 

  • • The ADRA Nepal office and staff escaped harm allowing them to immediately begin the relief efforts.
  • The death toll is more than 4,000 and rising quickly.
  • More than 7,000 people are reported injured with hospitals struggling to meet the need.
  • 35 of the 75 districts within Nepal have been affected with damage and casualties also reported in neighboring countries.
  • Reports indicate up to70% of homes and villages are damaged or destroyed in nearby rural areas.
  • Thousands are sleeping outside in freezing temperatures either because their homes have been destroyed or they fear falling debris from ongoing aftershocks.

ADRA Nepal is already responding with plastic sheeting for temporary shelter, and relief supplies from the ADRA network are already en route. An additional ten ADRA Emergency Response Team members from several countries are on their way to Nepal to assist the local office with coordination and continued relief efforts.

The current response is focusing on shelter while looking ahead to additional assistance in food, water, and health care to prevent the spread of disease in the wake of the disaster.
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A cramped street in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Pray for Victims of Earthquake in Nepal

ADRA Emergency Director: “Pray for Victims of Earthquake in Nepal”

Updated on April 25 at 3:44 p.m.

KATHMANDU, NEPAL— A 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook Nepal about 50 miles from its capital, Kathmandu, on Saturday, leveling buildings and killing hundreds. News sources are reporting 1,400 deaths so far, with the death toll rising.

The earthquake hit around midday local time, flattening buildings while locals and tourists scrambled to get outside into open spaces. Tremors have been felt as far from the epicenter as New Delhi.

“First reports suggest that the destruction is widespread and devastating,” said Thierry Van Bignoot, ADRA’s Director for Emergency Management. “At this time, we ask for your prayers for the people of Nepal and for our team on the ground. We are in the process of finding out more about what’s happened there.”

All ADRA staff has been accounted for and are safe.

“I praise God that the ADRA staff is all safe, however, they need our prayers, as do the people of Nepal at this sad time,” said Robert Patton, ADRA’s Emergency Management Advisor in an email communication today. “At this time we know that up to 80 percent of houses closest to the epicenter of the earthquake are damaged or destroyed.”

More information to come as the story develops.

About ADRA

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ADRA’s Ebola Response Continues

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa was unprecedented in its scale, with 25,600 reported cases and 10,600 deaths. Along with the health threat, Ebola also disrupted farming, economic activity, school systems, and even social customs, leaving very few not affected.

ADRA’s Ebola response in Liberia and Sierra Leone is focused on three main areas:

Awareness and Prevention

  • ADRA Liberia’s community health campaigns, including media and handouts, have educated more than 32,000 people on how to protect themselves and their families.
  • More than 335 soap and chlorine hand-washing stations were established in schools, community centers, public areas, and other strategic locations.
  • ADRA Sierra Leone’s decontamination center have disinfected more than 2,600 households and replaced contaminated mattresses, bedding, and mosquito nets.

Clinical Response

  • ADRA sent 7 shipments of personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical supplies to protect staff and community around Cooper Adventist Hospital in Liberia.

 Community Support

  • More than 140,000 people received emergency food supplies after their crops and income were cut off by the Ebola crisis.
  • In Liberia, ADRA has distributed more than 800 survivor kits with mattresses, bedding, food, soap, and basic household items.

Around 285,000 school meals are being provided to students who have returned to school.